Structural repairs

Structural repairs

Building movement

All buildings are subject to some degree of movement, and some buildings are more vulnerable than others; they’re more likely to show signs of wear and tear, such as wall cracks, lintels drooping and brickwork bending.

Cracks are caused by an excessive amount of stress beyond what the building materials can withstand. It’s no surprise that cracks tend to appear where the masonry is most stressed and least controlled, such as next to windows, doors, or corners.

Building movement
Structural repairs

Structural repairs

With a seasoned history of adeptly tackling structural challenges, we specialise in delivering cost-effective solutions for projects of all sizes. From minor cracks to major structural issues, our expertise in modern repair methods and top-tier masonry reinforcement ensures lasting results without compromising the integrity of your property or the safety of its occupants.

Whether it’s smoothing over wall imperfections, fortifying brick arch lintels, or reinforcing wall junctions, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. You can trust us to deliver high-quality, high-performance, and fully covered masonry retrofit repair work.

Our services include

  • Lateral restraint ties

    Remedial Lateral Restraint Ties are retractable tie rods that connect a building’s facade back to the main building’s structure to improve the building’s ability to withstand thrust and buckling loads. Some remedial lateral restraint tie systems are used to connect the external wall’s timber joists to the structural floor diagonal or to the stud walls.

  • Masonry crack stitching

    A bunch of bars with helical stitching are put back into cracked walls to bring the walls back together on both sides of a crack. The bars are made of high-strength stainless steel and stuck into slots 500mm apart from the crack to make sure the masonry stays strong and the structure stays stable in the cracked area.

  • Brick lintel repairs

    Lintel repairs use long, high-strength helical bars that are attached to specific mortar bed joints over openings to make brick lintels. These bricks are made by building reinforced beams using existing masonry and can be used to cover areas where the foundation is moving around.

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Warren was fantastic. From the first point of contact to the job was complete he was contactable, reliable, extremely fair in price and more than punctual.

Very professional manner and very thorough in his work. Extremely approachable, happy and pleasant. Very highly recommended.

Victoria Ward

Warren and his team were friendly and efficient, working well together to get the job done properly and quickly. He quoted for the work back in September, and the price stayed the same despite us not confirming the go-ahead until December. All in all professional and I would recommend them to anyone needing wall ties in future.

Nathan Jones

After wall tie failure was highlighted on our building survey, North West Wall Ties produced a professional pre-purchase report for us in really good time, and gave us what seems a perfectly reasonable quote for the work. Hopefully our purchase goes through and then we’ll be able to get the required work done with this company.

Tom Withers